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Some of our friends getting the treatment at Hair of the Dog
Molly needs a little attention from Hair Of The Dog in Jensen Beach
Molly looks happy with her new hairdo!

Fidget Before

Fidget gets an Extreme Makeover!

Jake needs a haircut 

Jake needs some attention

 Jake looks better

Jake is looking better!

Before grooming at Hair of the Dog in Jensen Beach, FL
The grooming at Jensen Beach Hair of the Dog is great! 
Madison comes to The Hair of the Dog in Jensen Beach from Palm City because she loves the great attention that David Pierce gives her!
Layla is an unusual Chesapeake Bay Retriever in that she needs a puppy cut once in a while, too.
  Poodles playing on the beach
David's poodles enjoy the beach on the Treasure Coast. 
Moon, the parrot gives David a kiss.
Moon is usually greeting customers at The Hair of the Dog grooming in Jensen Beach, Florida. 
Hair of the dog pet groomer Stuart Florida poodle 
A beautiful poodle gets her Christmas "do."
Dogs getting groomed for Halloween
Getting ready for Halloween!